A regular programme of Sensory Processing based workshops is run in the West Norfolk locality. These workshops are a mixture of day-long session and shorter half-day workshops.

These sessions are designed primarily for parents and carers but professional staff are welcome to attend too.

Topic vary and see the events section for details of the programme and the next available session running.

It is often helpful for professionals such as teachers and others working with children, young people and adults who may have sensory processing difficulties, to undertake some training to help promote their understanding and awareness of what sensory processing is and the effects when there is dysfunction.

Training through a one-off workshop may help individuals to appreciate the difficulties and issues associated with sensory processing dysfunction as well and learning some ways to help support students and others who may need additional help to promote positive sensory processing experiences in everyday situations.

The workshop training provided by Lynda Niles OT Associates will not equip or qualify an individual to assess for sensory processing difficulties or to provide therapy (see Further Information below), it will however improve awareness and understanding.

Specific bespoke courses can also be commissioned as required contact Lynda Niles to discuss your needs for your workplace, school or college setting.